G Suite Secrets to Success – #ISTE19

GSuite, Presentations

Instead of another Google Slides presentation, Jenn Judkins and I created our own app via the power of Glide for our ISTE19 session this year.

We covered over 50 tips, tricks, hacks and gotchas we wish we had learned sooner during a fun filled hour. In the app, there’s a shared secrets section where anyone, including you, can add your own secrets.

Download it here, and make your own app with zero code through a google sheet with Glide.

Learn with me this summer – ISTE, MassCUE and More


The summer is a great time to rest, recharge and learn. Join me at some of these exciting events:

ISTE19 Gsuite Secrets to Success, June 23 9:00-10:00am

Join Jenn Judkins and I as we dive into a fun and frantic blast through a ton of quick tips and tricks in Gsuite. We have a totally new app-based format for the presentation, and can’t wait to share the fun. Join us in Philly and quick ISTE off with us!

Gsuite Secrets to Success – June 23 9:00-10:00am

MassCUE Google Bootcamp: Level 2 Certification Prep

Join me for 2 full days as we prep for the Google Educator Level 2 Certifications, and become more efficient and effective through Google.

Register at MassCUE: Google Bootcamp: Level 2 Certification Prep

MassCUE Google Bootcamp: Certified Trainer Prep

Want to be a Google Certified Trainer? Join me for a one day workshop as we dive into the requirements and tips to become a trainer.

Register at MassCUE: Google Bootcamp: Certified Trainer Prep

MassCUE Google Certification Prep

Do you work in the Admin Console? Learn about Google’s newest redesigned certification and dive into the tips, tricks and techniques needed to master your (Google) domain.

Register at MassCue: Google Administrator Certification Prep

Seekonk Summer GooglePalooza 2019

Join the fun at GooglePalooza Summer Seekonk as I and other Google Trainers dive deep into the Google products.

Register at MassCUE: Seekonk Summer GooglePalooza