5 Great Places to Find Fonts (and how to install them) pt. 1


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As teachers, we create a countless number of documents. Nothing can spice up a boring newsletter, permission form, or even a test or quiz like an eye-catching font. Here’s a few great places to find great (and free fonts).

  1. DaFont.com – A great site filled with truly awesome fonts
  2. betterfonts.com – Very user friendly, previews the entire font before you download
  3. 1001freefonts.com – Many great fonts that you can’t find anywhere else
  4. simplythebest – I don’t know about the best, but this site offers a huge assortment of fonts.
  5. typenow.net – Looking for a font used in a movie, tv show or band? Here’s the place to find it
  6. I know the title says 5 great places, but check out Vitaly Friedman’s post on the 20 best free fonts

Now that we have the fonts, check out our next post in the series on how to install them.

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