Staying Tech Savvy in the Summer


by Novecentino It’s finally summer! If you’re at all like me, you have a packed summer full of vacations, perhaps a side job or two, and even some planning for the next school year. But take some time out and brush up on some technology skills.

Here’s a few good ways to brush up a little:

  1. Check out some technology books from your library. They probably are more up to date than you’d think. 
  2. Check out and consider a subscription. The site is full of extremely well done video tutorials. Perhaps you can even get your school to pay for it as professional development.
  3. Youtube. It gets a bad rap of being the ultimate time-waster, but youtube is full of tutorials, especially on subjects like Photoshop.
  4. Read some blogs! You’re already doing this here, but search around for some great blogs of other teachers who are sharing their experiences online. Check out my upcoming series highlighting great teacher’s blogs.
  5. Think about starting a blog. It can be for your students or other teachers, but you’ll gain a ton of insight as you go through the process of actually putting your thoughts on the web (sounds just like what we tell our students when we make them write, huh?)
  6. Relax. Summer’s a time to refresh, not burn out. So take some “me time” and chill for a bit. We all know the chill time will disappear in August/September.
Have any other tips on staying tech savvy? Let’s hear them in the comments!


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