7 Blogs that every Tech Savvy Teacher should be reading


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It’s essential that teachers keep constantly up to date, especially in the area of technology. Exciting new tools are created daily, and teachers must stay on top of technology if they wish to remain relevant in the classroom.

Here’s 7 great blogs that every teacher should be reading.

  1. So you want to teach?
    While this site is written by a band director, it offers advice that are important to all teachers, including information on classroom management and personal development.
  2. Infinite Thinking Machine
    A very interesting blog full of great ideas of using technology in your classroom. From the about page: “The Infinite Thinking Machine (ITM) is designed to help teachers and students thrive in the 21st century. Through an active blog, an Internet TV show, and other media resources, the ITM shares a “bazillion practical ideas” for turning the infinite universe of information into knowledge.”
  3. ELearn Magazine
    A magazine site with a blog full of articles on online education. As you integrate a site into your traditional classroom, this site will help you follow best practices that will help you be a success online.
  4. Edutopia
    This is a top-notch site filled with info. The stories on specific teacher’s experiences are always inspirational.
  5. e-Literate
    All about online learning. Another solid site for teachers looking to take their students online for their courses.
  6. The Tech Savvy Educator
    With a name like that it has to be good! While I hadn’t discovered it until after setting up this blog, The Tech Savvy Educator is a frequently updated site full of practical ways to integrate technology.
  7. darcynorman.net
    Focuses often on secondary education, but full of great ideas, including wide spread use of blogging on a campus. The information is good, but after reading the blog for a while you’ll enjoy the personal tone and the inside look at technology integration at the secondary level.

While I’m sure I’ve missed some essential blogs, these are just a few that I enjoy reading. Have a blog you think was missed? Post it (with the url) in the comments!

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