keeping kids safe online – issue #5 – online predators


410262257_e06cf7e529_m.jpgNote: This is an on going part of a look at six issues that we face in keeping our children and students safe online. We’ll be looking at the issue, discussing some solutions and recommending some free and commercial software that can help protect the children you work with online.

The issue: Predators

Children are very trusting and have a hard time discerning between truthful adults and deceitful ones. Steps need to be taken to protect your children from strangers online. If your child chats in a public chat room, chances are very high that they’ll be approached in a sexual way.


– Set firm rules on chatting, IM’ing, email,  and other uses of technology that allow direct communication with strangers
– Discuss the dangers of strangers online. Ask your children if they’ve ever been asked personal information online.
– Create a open avenue of communication with your children. Be sure they feel comfortable coming to you if a situation arises online. You need to be firm on your rules, yet approachable and understanding.